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When the Bruton family arrived in Arusha in 1958, there was no evangelical presence in Northern Tanzania. Within a month of our arrival Dad rented a storefront space in downtown Arusha. Our first Sunday service about a dozen people stopped to see what all the commotion was about. Mom played the accordion and Dad preached as if he was preaching to thousands. Within a year, multitudes of people were saved and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was God’s time for the winds ...

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We help feed kids in an orphanage, the Shalom Center located in Arusha. Through your donations we are able to help provide them a place to live. Your donations also help pay their school fees. The children come from various backgrounds. Some are abandoned, some are brought by their parents who  can’t provide for them, many have been living on the streets. But now they are in a loving, safe environment. Every day 88 students at the Northern Bible College are enjoying Bruton Dormitory. Your donations helped construct a new dormitory. Your donations provided showers, new beds, bedding, desks, chairs, wardrobes – all new! Students are benefitting from African Moo...

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